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Design Concepts for Pole Barn Ventilation


describe the imageWhether you are storing collectable cars or keeping livestock in your post-frame buiding, which is often referred to as a pole barn, ventilation is a critical element in your new building.  Make sure the indoor air quality is suitable for the needs of what you plan to put inside.  Here are five ventilation design concepts you should consider and communicate to your builder when planning for your new buiding:

  1. Make a list of all the things you plan to store or house in your new building.  This will help you both plan the size and ventilation needs in your pole barn.
  2. Identify if you will have a concrete or gravel floor in your building.  Concrete releases a significant amount of moisture into the interior of your building as it cures over several months.  Gravel provides a conduit for ground moisture to enter the building.
  3. Your climate is a critical factor in designing ventilation.  When combined with your planned use for the pole barn, seasonal temperature changes, humidity, and even daily temperature swings will all impact your ventilation needs.
  4. If you plan to finish off a separate or insulated area in your building for an office or workshop sometime after the construction of your buildling is completed, you'll need to plan ahead for appropriate ventilation in that area to ensure good indoor air quality.
  5. Controlling condensation is critical inside your building.  There are many ways to accomplish this through active and passive ventilation components, and also materials you can use to help manage condensation such as insulation and Dripstop condensation control membrane.

To learn more about good ventilation practices and how air moves in a post-frame or pole building, check out the following link:


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